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  • cotton panty liners brands
  • cotton panty liners brands
  • cotton panty liners brands
  • cotton panty liners brands
  • cotton panty liners brands
  • cotton panty liners brands

cotton panty liners brands

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China Manufacturer Natural Cotton Panty Liners Daily Liners For Women

Why Choose Us?

1, Over 29 years of feminine hygiene products production experience servo motor system. GMP, FDA SGS,COC,ITS certified etc.

2, The production use touch screen control, could catch up with 580 pcs/min. Strictly control the product absorption 15 min/time.

3, More than 29 years manufacturing experience. Cooperated / Cooperating with Woolworth, Coles, Mannings, Waston's, Walmart, Carrefour,Shoprite, Tescoetc.

4, Customize more than 120+ brands for over 80 countries.


MOQ (300,000 pads) is for one type / item only. You will have to take one more 300,000 pads if you add one more item of sanitary pads.

We may provide 3 different types of panty liners for your reference. There is low quality , medium quality and high quality. Please let us know your marketing plan I will lead you to pick the right ones for your market.

Product Description
Specifications of the panty liner

Brand Name:

GloryGirl/OUI OUI,private label


10,000 packs


150-180 mm


approx. 6.5g/pcs


organic cotton,pure cotton, non woven , net .10ml of absorption,



Color of pad

white and blue/black/green/pink/beige

Inner packing:

PE or non woven or complex




far infared /anion


Zip lock bag, Deluxe aluminum foil bag, box


20 pads X 48 bags per carton

Parameters of the panty liner

Organic cotton and biodegradable Pad:



Top sheet



Breathable & biodegradable





Organic cotton








Organic cotton








Organic cotton






Pictures of the panty liner

Length:150mm - 180mm

Top sheet: Natural Cotton Cover

Back sheet:Breathable

This panty liner is quite comfortable which can be used every day.You must try this silk smooth feeling and fresh panty liner right now.

Features of the panty liner

1.Cottony cover , organic pure cotton

We adopt special technology in treating the cover , it is unique and exquisite,silk touching feeling , like lie on the cotton clouds, feel comfortbale and security.Protect the seceret skin .

2. Air-paid paper

Airlaid paper enhance the absorption, keep you dry in your daily life!

3. Ultra Thin

It is incredible ultra thin and light, only 0.1cm thickness; you can feel nothing when you wear it. Nobody will be aware of it , you can enjoy its protection everyday!

4. Great Breathability

Both breathable and hypoallergenic cottony top sheet and waterproof breathable backsheet enhance expelling the dampness,which can keep fresh and comfortable all the time even in hot summer. With nano micro holes at the back sheet , the hot air and odor can come out , but no water leakage.

5.Silver ion chip , anion chip , bamboo charcoal chip can be embossed

6. Excellent Adhesive

Wide and Long adhesive on wings and back sheet keep the sanitary pads stay tightly and firmly on underwear, never worry about slipping away even doing vigorous activity.

7. Individually Wrapped

Each sanitary pad is individually wrapped for purpose of hygiene and storage.Moreover ,colorful printed high quality wrappers are widely adoptedwhich brings a new visual enjoyments.So period boring?Not any more!

Deluxe aluminum foil bag with easy open sticker.

It's 100% safe food grade package, the cover of the bag could be colorful printed; inner side of the bag is shining silver foil. This kind of package became more and more popular, for it's rigid, solid and deluxe looking, much better than the soft PE bag.

It has a resealable open sticker .The bag can be resealed after take out one pad.

Packaging & Shipping

(1) Zip Lock Bag
It is a bag with a zip lock. The bag can be re-zipped after take one pad out of the bag. Zip lock bag is a good option if girls want to keep pads away from moisture and be hygienic in all times.

(2) Aluminum Foil Bag
Aluminium bag is a food grade bag. It comes with an easy quick seal sticker. Girls can put the sticker back after take one pad out. Fantastic looking of the package displayed on the shelf may easily cause eye catching. It is a good option to keep pads away from moisture and be hygienic in all times.

(3) Paper box
Paper box is a packaging 100% recycle. Environmental sustainability has become more important in now days. It is a good option for buyers who always focus on protecting our environment. Paper box can be with different shape and structure catering to different requirements. It is also a good option for buyers who want to change designs often as paper box does not require any plate or mould charge.

(4) Normal PE bag
It is a cost-effective plastic bag. It is common globally


(5) Shipping: by sea/train

Sanitary napkins/Panty Liners/Tampons/Sweat Pads have been widely shipped to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakstan, Thailand,Hungary,USA.Canada,India,Australia.etc.

(6)Logistic information for shipping

Length (mm)

Q'ty (pads/pack)

Q'ty (packs/ctn)

Cartons loading in one 20ft

Cartons loading in one 40HQ

















Our Services


We promise no recycle substances are used to our products, only 100% safe materials that meet European standard and environmentally. We are liable for any failure to supply Goods, and for any defect in the quality of Goods supplied, in accordance with the terms of contract.

We have two brands GLORYGIRL & OUIOUI which are looking for global retail agents and distributors,

OEM orders are welcomed too,cooperate with us , you will derserve:

1. fast delivery

2. guarantee of products quality

3. good suggestion for marketing

4. new and innovated products for expanding the market

5.extra value such as design for packages.

6.good after sale service.

7.good products help you to get reputation from the market.

Company Information
Company Briefs

Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd.(Bing Bing) is specialized in manufacturing high level, fashionable, safe and healthy feminine hygiene products for women with advanced plants. Our products include sanitary napkins, panty liners, sweat pads and tampons in all size, type and grades which meet the standards of FDA, GOTS, CE, I S O 9 0 0 1, SGS ,ITS ,MSDS etc. certificates.

Our factory is garden-like which covers around 20,000 square meters, equipped by auto high speed and advanced production lines, all the devices are equipped at high level which ensures every sanitary pad and panty liner we produce completely safe, hygienic and high quality. Our factory strictly follows the standards of FDA, GMP. Quality control runs through all the links from raw material to finished products. We provide our care for women not only by our products, but also by our warm service after sale, to be a caregiver of each woman is our mission.

Our production capacity of pads is about 80640000 pcs/month, and 53760000 pcs/month for panty liners, we manufactured for around 120 global retail private brands.

We keep on developing better products for women worldwide, recently we launched new products- organic cotton sanitary napkins and panty liners, and medical grade sterilized sanitary napkins and panty liners.

Cooperation, innovation, reputation makes most of our customers keep the relationship with us for more than 10 years. Join us, you will deserve more than what you think!

Our Certifications


(1) Do you accept small order?

Yes,we do. We are having ready stock available now.

(2) Visit of factory?

Yes, warmly welcome a visit of our factory anytime.

(3) Could you provide free sample?

Yes, Free samples available.

(4)Other hot product

Now. our the most popular product have the Far-infrared sanitary pad, herbal medicine sanitary napkin, Fruit series santary towel and so on. if you want to know more popular product, please leave us a message.

Brand Story

Please read our brand story (OUIOUI)

Nowadays, our products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia and sales in big markets, brands and chain store.

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