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Beranda > Produk > Tidak dikelompokkan > changing a baby's diaper at night
  • changing a baby's diaper at night
  • changing a baby's diaper at night
  • changing a baby's diaper at night
  • changing a baby's diaper at night
  • changing a baby's diaper at night
  • changing a baby's diaper at night

changing a baby's diaper at night

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  • Deskripsi Produk

Breathable printed dual used sleepy baby diaper manufacturers from china

Product Description


pcs/ bag

bags/ carton



Packing way & pads description

Baby diaper





White PE film +PP tape+Leak guard +Leg cuff+SAP+Pulp,NO waist band, 24 bags per big transparent plastic bag .   










1. What is advantage of our baby and adult diaper ?

Amazing pad design, high grade enjoyment

- Covered by hypoallergenic and super soft top layer,

Full protection

- The baby and adult diaper acted as adult` warrior locks the fluid firmly in the core of the pad even in your heavy flow days. It prevents all sides of leakage whatsoever.

Great comfort from breathable back sheet

- Using global advanced technology, our breathable back sheet releases adult suffered from heat rash, moisture, bad temper etc.

-Besides, it can help drain away the body odor. Wow, so fresh!

Specification of the pad

Brand Name:

Available for GloryGirl, OUI OUI, private label








Dry weave cover, U.S Golden Isle pulp, Japan SUMITOMO SAP



Color of pad


Inner packing:

PE or non woven or complex


Breathable nano PE film




Zip lock bag, Deluxe aluminum foil bag, paper box, PVC box


10 pads X 48 bags per carton or customized

Product Description

  • Never ever care and enjoyment

Featuring the hot wind technology, the incontinence pad care female on both mental and physical. With the special designed hot wind non woven top sheet, you will feel free and comfort than ever, like roaming in the cloud easily, just here~

- Unique hot wind top sheet makes incontinence pad warmer and fluffier which make you never worry about cold and pain during the period. Besides, the dry weave top sheet has better water and air permeability which makes the fluid permeates down immediately, and keeps the surface dry and clean all the time.

  • Advanced Golden Isles fluff pulps & SUMITOMO SAP

Every of our sanitary napkin has super absorbency for we used advanced Golden Isles fluff pulps & SUMITOMO SAP. It makes the sanitary napkin ultra thin but absorbent.

- Golden Isles fluff pulps are made from a coarse, bulky, long fiber with a low percentage of fines. Absorbent products made with these fibers have optimum fluid retention, liquid distribution and pad integrity. This is especially important with thinner products and with the use of super absorbent polymers.

- Super absorbent polymer (SAP) has the ability to absorb fluids within a few minutes and increase its diameter. One of the most famous in the world is SUMITOMO SAP.

  • Greatest nanotechnology breathable bottom film

With the global advanced nanotechnology, the bottom film is not only breathable but moisture resisted, no leakage. Besides, it can draw deodorant away.

Outer Packing (only for reference)

  • Excellent Adhesion

Wide and long adhesive on the back sheet make the sanitary napkins stay in place as well as easy to move away.


Why Do U Choose Us

  • Variety of Products
We provide not only lots kinds of products like sanitary napkins, panty liners, tampon, sweat pads, shoe pads, ect. but also various styles of each kind of products for your choice. ODM and OEM are warmly welcomed here, u can just tell us what u want and we will provide various choices to make u satisfied.
  • Rich Experiences

We have been doing feminine hygiene products for 28 years in China. And we are very mature not only on equipments but also on our professional service. We can meet any of your requests efficiently and promptly. ODM&OEM warmly welcomed!!

  • A Professional Team of Designer

We don't only have a great team of sales, merchandisers, shipping specialists, sale servies, but also a professional team of designer. We can provide u many designs for style, packinaging, logo and also help to make the marketing plan. Give us a idea, then we will give u thousands of choices instead.

  • Faultless Service

We provide a very professional service during the whole process we doing business. We do not only have a professional group of sales, merchandisers, shipping specialists, QC and sales services who can offer a whole professional service, but also have a team for design. The sales team will contact with u and satisfy our honor customer's needs directly. Then the merchandiser team will take the responsiblity of following the orders. And the shipping specialists will handle the whole process of delivery. Of course the sales service are in charge of the matters after sale. Our division of labor is very clear, and everyone is devote to give the best servie to every of our honor customers. What u need to do is place the order and provide some infos needed, then we will finish all those other work for u. This is absolutely perfectly service.

Whole Process

What U Need

  • A honest and trustful supplier ??-------CONTACT US
  • High quality and competitive price ??--------CONTACT US
  • Effcient and prompt work ??--------CONTACT US
  • A good sales can be called at anytime u needed ??--------CONTACT US
  • A stable and log-term business relationship ??--------CONTACT US
  • A guider can lead u to the latest trend of your products in the world ??-----CONTACT US
  • A supplier who can not only offer the service on the products but also on the marketing plan ??-------CONTACT US
  • A cooperator can be both workmate and friend ??-----CONTACT US
  • A refresh start and experience in the feminine hygiene products ??-------CONTACT US

Our Faith

All of us are holding the firmly faith of devote ourself to meet any of our honor customers' needs, and try our best to provide our honor customers the best service.

Products Collection

1. Sanitary napkin: 180~410mm long cotton / dry weave / ultra thin / regular / maxi / winged / wingless / functional chips / scented
2. Panty liner: 90~180mm long cotton / dry weave /T-shape / black liners / scanty ultra thin / fluff pulp / scented
3. Tampon: Applicator / digital, available in mini / regular / super size
4. Sewat pads, sweat liners, shoe liners

*** All of our producing is in an absolutely dust-free & sterile environment.

*** All of our raw materials are European standard ONLY.

*** We prepared you several kinds of functional core for your needs.

*** We prepared you female vagina inflammation self testing cards.(With the sampling cotton stick, obtain sample secretions from vaginal area and spread on to the self-test card, after 30 seconds, if the results show infection or disorder, please get in touch with your gynecologist.)

*** We also prepared you various kinds of outer package in different material, shape and design for your selection

Our Certifications

Company Information
Company Briefs

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